Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROFT, Agnes  Jun 1867Whitehaven I4721
2 CROFT, Ann Jane  Sep 1847Whitehaven I1332
3 CROFT, Betsy  Dec 1853Whitehaven I2323
4 CROFT, Caroline A   I31649
5 CROFT, Charles  Jun 1857Whitehaven I2901
6 CROFT, Clement Pickering  Dec 1849Whitehaven I1656
7 CROFT, Deborah Ann   I35193
8 CROFT, George F K   I25079
9 CROFT, Isabella  Jun 1854Whitehaven I2418
10 CROFT, James C   I25005
11 CROFT, John  Sep 1848Whitehaven I1466
12 CROFT, John Henry  Jun 1865Whitehaven I4356
13 CROFT, Joseph   I31165
14 CROFT, Judith A   I30079
15 CROFT, Keith James   I35129
16 CROFT, Lillian M   I24247
17 CROFT, Malcolm A   I30873
18 CROFT, Marian C R   I30511
19 CROFT, Mary  Mar 1852Whitehaven I2044
20 CROFT, Mary  Sep 1868Whitehaven I4996
21 CROFT, Michael   I26433
22 CROFT, Michael   I36173
23 CROFT, Michael Richard   I35233
24 CROFT, Rose M   I25683
25 CROFT, Sonya Caroline   I37461
26 CROFT, Tracey Ann   I37861
27 CROFT, William A   I24561
28 CROFT, William Wallace  Dec 1847Whitehaven I1391
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