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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROFT, Ada  Jun 1871Ticehurst I5520
2 CROFT, Adelaide  Jun 1874Ticehurst I6209
3 CROFT, Adolphus E  Dec 1866Ticehurst I4632
4 CROFT, Albert  Jun 1883Ticehurst I8344
5 CROFT, Albert A E   I15733
6 CROFT, Alexander Albert  Mar 1883Ticehurst I8272
7 CROFT, Alfred  Mar 1851Ticehurst I1854
8 CROFT, Alfred  Dec 1884Ticehurst I8685
9 CROFT, Ann  Jun 1847Ticehurst I1287
10 CROFT, Ann  Jun 1847Ticehurst I1291
11 CROFT, Ann  Sep 1862Ticehurst I3826
12 CROFT, Anna Elizabeth  Dec 1891Ticehurst I10184
13 CROFT, Anne  Dec 1876Ticehurst I6816
14 CROFT, Annie  Dec 1878Ticehurst I7297
15 CROFT, Annie Caroline  Mar 1888Ticehurst I9403
16 CROFT, Archibald Leslie  Sep 1905Ticehurst I13333
17 CROFT, Archibald Louis  Jun 1876Ticehurst I6686
18 CROFT, Beatrice Meeager  Dec 1888Ticehurst I9551
19 CROFT, Bernard J   I22275
20 CROFT, Bessie M   I18689
21 CROFT, Betty   I17009
22 CROFT, Charles  Mar 1853Ticehurst I2206
23 CROFT, Charles  Jun 1889Ticehurst I9669
24 CROFT, Charles H   I22169
25 CROFT, Clarence Harold  Dec 1873Ticehurst I6120
26 CROFT, Daisy  Jun 1885Ticehurst I8803
27 CROFT, Daisy Annie  Sep 1907Ticehurst I13831
28 CROFT, David Albert  Jun 1886Ticehurst I9021
29 CROFT, Dora Elizabeth  Mar 1899Ticehurst I11813
30 CROFT, Dorcas  Sep 1850Ticehurst I1794
31 CROFT, Dorothy M   I16241
32 CROFT, Edith  Jun 1881Ticehurst I7878
33 CROFT, Edith Alice  Dec 1871Ticehurst I5647
34 CROFT, Edward  Sep 1841Ticehurst I500
35 CROFT, Edward  Sep 1849Ticehurst I1614
36 CROFT, Edward  Mar 1864Ticehurst I4095
37 CROFT, Edward  Dec 1876Ticehurst I6822
38 CROFT, Eliza  Jun 1851Ticehurst I1902
39 CROFT, Elizabeth  Mar 1839Ticehurst I162
40 CROFT, Elizabeth  Sep 1861Ticehurst I3640
41 CROFT, Elizabeth Harriett  Dec 1885Ticehurst I8915
42 CROFT, Elizabeth Mary  Mar 1867Ticehurst I4685
43 CROFT, Ellen F   I16255
44 CROFT, Ellen Florence  Jun 1868Ticehurst I4917
45 CROFT, Elsie May  Mar 1895Ticehurst I10923
46 CROFT, Emily  Mar 1863Ticehurst I3918
47 CROFT, Emily  Dec 1881Ticehurst I8002
48 CROFT, Ernest Albert  Dec 1869Ticehurst I5217
49 CROFT, Esther Kate S   I14151
50 CROFT, Ethel D   I19457

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