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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROFT, Alan David  Sep 1901Northampton I12368
2 CROFT, Albert H   I14554
3 CROFT, Alfred  Sep 1874Northampton I6271
4 CROFT, Alfred James  Sep 1874Northampton I6272
5 CROFT, Alfred Thomas  Mar 1868Northampton I4848
6 CROFT, Alma Ivy  Dec 1899Northampton I11983
7 CROFT, Almena  Sep 1870Northampton I5346
8 CROFT, Amelia  Sep 1874Northampton I6276
9 CROFT, Amy  Jun 1863Northampton I3950
10 CROFT, Andrew Paul   I39187
11 CROFT, Ann Maria  Jun 1864Northampton I4144
12 CROFT, Annie Charlotte  Dec 1879Northampton I7530
13 CROFT, Benjamin William  Jun 1881Northampton I7870
14 CROFT, Bernardine   I15495
15 CROFT, Bertha  Jun 1888Northampton I9452
16 CROFT, Bessie  Sep 1860Northampton I3437
17 CROFT, Bessie  Mar 1890Northampton I9829
18 CROFT, Bessie Hine  Jun 1882Northampton I8115
19 CROFT, Bradley   I29927
20 CROFT, Caroline  Dec 1874Northampton I6341
21 CROFT, Cecil H   I14735
22 CROFT, Christopher  Sep 1877Northampton I7002
23 CROFT, Clara A   I15745
24 CROFT, Clara Elizabeth  Dec 1876Northampton I6820
25 CROFT, Constance Clara  Dec 1907Northampton I13887
26 CROFT, David Peter   I35941
27 CROFT, Edith O   I16475
28 CROFT, Edmund Ernest  Sep 1881Northampton I7937
29 CROFT, Edward  Dec 1861Northampton I3688
30 CROFT, Edward  Jun 1869Northampton I5130
31 CROFT, Edward  Jun 1872Northampton I5764
32 CROFT, Elsie Caroline  Mar 1882Northampton I8058
33 CROFT, Emily  Mar 1872Northampton I5701
34 CROFT, Emily  Dec 1896Northampton I11296
35 CROFT, Ernest Alfred   I14223
36 CROFT, Ernest E   I15761
37 CROFT, Ernest W   I20903
38 CROFT, Ethel   I16263
39 CROFT, Ethel Florence  Sep 1898Northampton I11719
40 CROFT, Eustace  Jun 1885Northampton I8811
41 CROFT, Florence Elizabeth  Sep 1879Northampton I7498
42 CROFT, Florence Maggie   I14226
43 CROFT, Florence Margaret  Jun 1892Northampton I10311
44 CROFT, Florence May  Jun 1904Northampton I13053
45 CROFT, Frank   I28907
46 CROFT, Frank Richard  Sep 1870Northampton I5364
47 CROFT, Freda M   I18477
48 CROFT, Frederick George  Sep 1898Northampton I11726
49 CROFT, Gavin Paul   I38695
50 CROFT, George  Mar 1851Northampton I1860

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