Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROFT, Agnes   I18445
2 CROFT, Alfred James  Sep 1862Durham I3824
3 CROFT, Christopher   I16101
4 CROFT, George Robert  Sep 1857Durham I2952
5 CROFT, Hannah  Dec 1899Durham I12005
6 CROFT, Isabella  Sep 1893Durham I10599
7 CROFT, James  Mar 1902Durham I12506
8 CROFT, James Lucky R  Mar 1867Durham I4703
9 CROFT, Jane Ann   I14477
10 CROFT, Joe  Dec 1875Durham I6589
11 CROFT, John  Dec 1900Durham I12241
12 CROFT, John Edward  Dec 1886Durham I9147
13 CROFT, John Leofric R  Mar 1906Durham I13494
14 CROFT, Margaret  Jun 1887Durham I9256
15 CROFT, Margaret Ann  Sep 1880Durham I7748
16 CROFT, Martha   I14188
17 CROFT, Mary  Mar 1853Durham I2225
18 CROFT, Rachel  Dec 1864Durham I4272
19 CROFT, Thomas  Jun 1882Durham I8164
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